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Why advertise with us:
We all win when you advertise with us. Your website, product, and services will be published in multiple locations throughout the website. With your generous contribution, you are helping us succeed in our mission to gather and distribute valuable information, products, and services to people from all walks of life.

What We Do:
We strive to create a website that appeals to the diverse interests and needs of the people that we serve. We gather information on health and wellness-related topics and provide this information to our visitors, costumes, and partners. Be Healthy News provides this information so that our audience can make healthy lifestyle choices that will improve their well-being and quality of life.

What sets us apart:
At Be Healthy News, we not only provide health and wellness information, but we also provide information on a wide variety of related subjects that help fulfill our mission of ways for you and our visitors:

Live Your Best Life

We provide information, services, and products that can help our audience in all aspects of their lives. Plus, we are also interested in what our readers have to say. If you have a question or suggestions, please contact us today.

Advertising Options

Article Sponsorship: $150/mo

We will publish a highly relevant, researched, professionally written article to in a category of your choosing each month with sponsorship credit.

What is included:

  • One 500 word article in one category with stock image
  • Business Page
  • Bottom Sponsorship Banner that links to your Business Page

Category Banner Ads

  • City Leaderboard 728×90: $100/mo
  • National Leaderboard 728×90: $300/mo
  • City Rectangle 300×250: $50/mo
  • National Rectangle 300×250: $200/mo

Video Article Sponsorship: $600

We turn into short, conversational videos. You can use these videos to grow your Youtube channel and publish on your website!