Quick and Budget-Friendly Ways to Feel Your Best

eat healthyIf you are like most people, you want to be your best and healthiest self. However, if you have a small budget and a full calendar, how can you find the necessary resources to optimize your health and fitness? Luckily, there are plenty of quick and budget-friendly strategies for improving your health and living your best life.

Start the Day Right

To ensure you have the necessary energy and mindset for the rest of the day, start your day right. Establish healthy morning habits, including:

  • Try to awaken at the same time each day to establish optimal circadian rhythms

  • Make your bed as soon as you arise to set your day up for success

  • Eat a balanced breakfast of healthy foods, such as eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, and fruit, to provide yourself with the fuel and energy to face the day

  • Consider a morning meditation or yoga flow to improve your mental state.

Integrate Healthy Practices Throughout the Day

In today’s fast-paced society, you likely feel like you’re being pulled in too many different directions, and when this happens, self-care often takes a backseat to other responsibilities. Rather than completely neglecting your health and fitness, consider integrating quick bursts of self-care throughout your busy day. For example, if you don’t have time to schedule a lengthy workout, be creative by squeezing in physical activity whenever you can:

  • Set reminders on your phone to get up and move at least once an hour

  • Use a standing desk to reduce the amount of time you spend sitting

  • Eat lunch at your desk and exercise during your lunch break

  • Opt for stairs rather than the elevator

  • Walk or bike rather than drive

  • Get creative and sneak in extra steps whenever possible.

Also, if you work from home, you may want to consider a home gym rather than wasting time and money at the local fitness center. Plenty of free online exercise videos guide you in activities ranging from yoga to strength training to boxing. Since you don’t have to spend time commuting, you can squeeze in a workout on your busiest days.

In addition to staying more active throughout the day, make an effort to improve your diet. Healthy strategies that can make a difference include:

  • Make a shopping list when you go to the grocery store to reduce impulse purchases

  • Planting a garden with healthy fruits and vegetables

  • Drinking water throughout the day

  • Avoiding sugary beverages and processed foods

  • Cooking at home rather than going out

  • Utilizing nutrition apps for health tips and recipes

End the Day Right

Research shows that not getting enough sleep can damage your health, increase long-term health risks, and even shorten your life. To ensure you get the rest you need, follow these steps before you turn in for the night:

  • Avoid exposure to blue light in the evening

  • Don’t consume caffeine or alcohol late in the day

  • Avoid unhealthy snacks after dinner

  • Keep your bedroom cool and dark

  • Take advantage of a free guided meditation before going to sleep

Don’t let a limited budget or an over-scheduled calendar prevent you from investing in self-care. Using strategies that don’t cost much money or take a lot of time, you can integrate self-care measures throughout your day and become your healthiest self in no time!